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Hier findet ihr kurze Müsterchen unserer Songs von den letzten zwei CDs. Falls diese Häppchen euch hungrig gemacht haben: Hier gibt's die ganzen Platten!
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Hotter than Hell (2005)

Good morning little schoolgirl
Handle with care
Old fashioned country man
Sailed to Dixieland
Will you ever start to love me
Kickin' and stompin'
They call me Reverend J. C.
Write me a few of your lines
Folsom prison Blues
Little by little
I've got a habit
Cocaine transfusion Blues
Rainin' in my heart
You'll be mine
Walkin' Blues

Blues NETTwork (2000)

Can't be satisfied
Southbound train
Can't get no grinding
Going up the country
Mean spider Blues
Shelby County Blues
One truth
Don't change your lock
Wine, wine, wine

(Als Hidden Track ist nach "Wine, wine, wine" der Lokalhit "Ich gang nach Bärn" (Radio X Award: Pop Song der Jahre 2000-2003!!!) nach dem letzten Titel versteckt.)